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Pittsburgh Mandolin Society

Pittsburgh Mandolin Society is a 501(c) (3) non-profit organization incorporated in 2009. The Pittsburgh Mandolin Orchestra (PMO), one component of the Society, is a large performing ensemble of approximately 40 musicians.  The PMO was first founded in the early 1900’s, but stopped performing during World War II. Alan Epstein revived the PMO in 2002 with 15 members. The orchestra has been continuously active since then, expanding to roughly 40 musicians today, covering all members of the mandolin family of instruments, the acoustic guitar and bass, woodwinds, bayan (accordion), and percussion.  Additional soloists and ethnic instruments are often included in our repertoire as we seek to explore new musical genres.

Our Mission

We are an organization dedicated to teaching, performing and the proliferation of the instruments of the mandolin family, and the preservation of mandolin music.

Board of Directors


President: Doug Davidson
Vice President: Patrick Thibodeau

Secretary: Rachel Rue

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