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Images from the contemporary Orchestra archive

In October 2007 the contemporary Pittsburgh Mandolin Orchestra gave it's 5th anniversary concert on the University of Pittsburgh campus. A promotional advertisement for this concert appeared in the online "Mandolin Cafe" on September 29, 2007 -- as illustrated on the Orchestra History page of this website.  Two photos below show the October 13, 2007 mandolin orchestra performance followed by the Ventat Quintet who performed as part of this concert.

Pgh MO photo 101307 edited.jpg
Ventana Quintet 101307.jpg

The poster below advertised the May 2014 Pittsburgh Mandolin Orchestra concert at Synod Hall in Oakland near the University of Pittsburgh campus.  Following that is a 2014 image of our Director Charley Rappaport leading the Orchestra.

PghMO in 2014.jpg

The photograph below shows the Orchestra performing at the Heinz History Center on October 6, 2019 as part of the History Center's Heritage Festival.

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