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An Evening with the Carlo

Aonzo Trio

The Pittsburgh Mandolin Orchestra will host an evening of mandolin music with the Orchestra and the Carlo Aonzo Trio on September 15, 2018, at the Greater Pittsburgh Masonic Center. The Orchestra will open the evening, setting the stage for a world-class musical performance by the Carlo Aonzo Trio, performing music from an album to be released this fall.

Carlo Aonzo is an internationally recognized mandolin player and instructor, performing concerts and hosting mandolin workshops across the globe.  Accompanying Carlo in the Trio are Lorenzo Piccone, on guitar and vocals, and  Lucciano Puppo, on bass.  

Carlo Aonzo, mandolin (center), Lucciano Puppo, bass (left), and Lorenzo Piccone, guitar (right)

The Trio's most recent album, "A Mandolin Journey:" 

"Often the mandolin has traveled in 3rd class, accompanying immigrants through seas and continents, inside cardboard suitcases to unknown lands. But wherever it landed it made its new dwelling by cleverly integrating with the local culture. This is confirmed by the different shapes and tunings that it took up within the various musical genres that welcomed it.

"With this project we present the Italian mandolin’s journey in its various traditional, renewed and reinvented aspects; a modern melting pot of music and culture. A musical map, sailing off from the strong foundations of our tradition towards other interesting and unexpected sonorous routes."  
(Carlo Aonzo)

This work has been met with critical acclaim for its creative exploration of the mandolin and its music.  

The Pittsburgh Mandolin Orchestra is thrilled to host Carlo again this fall and welcome you to come join us for an evening you won't soon forget, hearing the internationally acclaimed Carlo Aonzo Trio in an intimate and personal setting.  

Concert details:

An Evening with the Carlo Aonzo Trio

Hosted by the Pittsburgh Mandolin Orchestra

Saturday, September 15, 2018

7:00 PM

Greater Pittsburgh Masonic Center

3579 Masonic Way

Pittsburgh, PA 15237 (map)

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