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The Carlo Aonzo Trio


The Pittsburgh Mandolin Orchestra will host an evening of mandolin music with the Orchestra and the Carlo Aonzo Trio on September 15, 2018, at the Greater Pittsburgh Masonic Center (map). The Orchestra will open the evening, setting the stage for a world-class musical performance by the Carlo Aonzo Trio, performing music from their album Mandolitaly to be released this fall.

Click above to listen to samples from Mandolitaly

The band, led by the world famous Italian mandolin player and scholar Carlo Aonzo, presents a very interesting repertoire of Italian musics, chosen among the evergreens of the Italian national tradition, arranged with the unique personal ‘Carlo Aonzo Trio’ style.

The Trio, featuring Carlo Aonzo on the Italian mandolin, Lorenzo Piccone on the guitar and Luciano Puppo on the double bass, made a real trip around the world musical genres last year with the release of their first album “A Mandolin Journey”. This work celebrates the Mandolin as icon of the Italian culture in the world following its evolution through centuries and continents and was presented during a very intense musical tour through many Italian towns and the United States where it was warmly welcomed by both audience and critics.

The new project focuses now on the roots of the Italian music enriched by the flavor and uniqueness of the Carlo Aonzo Trio sound: swing, jazz, elaborated rhythms strongly influenced by North and South American elements interact here with classical, folk music and movie soundtracks The show is completed by stories and anecdotes, introducing the different musical pieces in a very lively and capturing atmosphere.  

Carlo Aonzo, mandolin (left), Lucciano Puppo, bass (center), and Lorenzo Piccone, guitar (right)

Concert details:

An Evening with the Carlo Aonzo Trio

Hosted by the Pittsburgh Mandolin Orchestra

Saturday, September 15, 2018

7:00 PM

Greater Pittsburgh Masonic Center

3579 Masonic Way

Pittsburgh, PA 15237 (map)

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