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In addition to live performance, the Pittsburgh Mandolin Society and Orchestra strives to promote musicianship and musical education within the greater Pittsburgh community.  This year, we have undertaken two projects for which we are seeking support:

First, we are seeking to commission a composition for the Mandolin Orchestra from a Pittsburgh composer. This work will be highlighted at a gala concert and is aimed at expanding the musical repertoire for the modern mandolin orchestra.  We feel this is a critical part of our mission, insuring that the musical tradition and history associated with the mandolin orchestra remains contemporary and is expanded for future musicians and audiences.        

Second, as a collaborative effort with the Creative and Performing Arts (CAPA) school of the Pittsburgh School System, we are hosting a musical composition competition that will culminate with student compositions being performed by the Orchestra in a special concert.  This work encourages the development of young, high school composers, further expanding our educational outreach and introducing the mandolin instruments and orchestra to another generation of musicians, composers and audience members. 


If you would like to contribute specifically to either of these efforts, please contact us.  Your tax-deductible donation can be directed to support either or both of these efforts.  Please consider supporting the educational efforts of the group through a generous donation.

The group is seeking to purchase new audio equipment that will allow us to perform outdoors in the warm months.  In the past, we have had to turn down performance requests as our audio equipment is not appropriate for many of the local outdoor venues.  We are eager to bring the music, history and tradition of the mandolin and mandolin orchestra to new audiences.  Your donation to assist in purchasing additional audio equipment will allow us to expand our audience base and provide the orchestra new opportunities to perform across the greater Pittsburgh area.        



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